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Visit Us At The Farm

Visit us at the farm

We highly encourage any customers to come out to our farm and visit the puppies as well as meet the parents. We would love to show you around. A great time to come would be around selection. You can then hand pick out your puppy verus selecting through pictures. Even though we love visitors at any time throughout the puppies first 8 weeks...we live in very Northern Minnesota. We are located 400 miles from Minneapolis. That is why we offer delivery there to cut back on such a long trip up our way.


Pick Up In Minneapolis

Pick up in the cities

We will be making a trip to Minneapolis for each litter when they turn 8 weeks old. This is the best time for puppies to go to their forever homes. It's important that puppies get to spend the first 8 weeks with litter mates so they learn all the necessary skills from each other. Contact me if you would like to coordinate a place and time for pick up in Minneapolis or along our route.

Due to airline restrictions and the rapid growth of our pups, traveling with a pup in an airplane cabin beyond eight weeks of age cannot be accommodated.


Effective July of 2020 United Airlines has revised its in-cabin pet policy as to rabies vaccinations so that travel with a puppy is now prohibited. Please consider other airlines when planning your pick-up.   


Cargo Shipping


Due to economic effects stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, all domestic airlines have suspended pet transportation via air freight. We will update this information upon the resumption of these services.

We will also ship puppies out of the Minneapolis airport. The pricing for a cargo ticket, crate, and vet papers will be around $400.  Before you would book a cargo ticket to get your puppy always check the weather to make sure its not to hot or cold. Airlines are picky with the temperature. We all want to make sure your puppy is safe and comfortable. 


Puppy Nannies

Image by Kevin Bosc

Puppy nannies can be hired to fly with your Bernedoodle to your location. We can facilitate contact with puppy nannies we have worked with in the past that we trust to safely and efficiently get your pup to you!

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