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We welcomed one of Heather’s puppies to our family in November, 2019 and it was the best experience. The pup, Louise (“Lou”), was part of a surprise for our kids and followed the loss of our sweet 12 year old Bernese Mtn Dog over a year prior. Heather was so awesome to work with. A friend who knew we were ready for a dog again forwarded the Richardville Hunde site to me. From the initial contact Heather was responsive and answered all of our questions about the breed, their temperament, grooming, care, etc. Her knowledge of the Bernese matched what we had learned in the 12 years we cared for ours. And it was so great to have that comparison as we learned about the Bernedoodle and whether or not it would be the right fit.
We had our sights on a pup in one of her current litters at the time and she helped us confirm that the puppy was also a good match for our family, lifestyle and personalities. Even sharing some videos as we weren’t able to come and visit as they live 5+ hours away. Through that process we got to know more about how she cares for the pups and how her sweet kiddos are so involved with them, which was AMAZING as we have three kids of our own. Lou was well equipped to deal with kids from day one.
Heather arranged to meet us in the Twin Cities to pick Lou up and we finally got to meet her, her kids and a few other pups from the litter face to face.
But the best part of our experience is what happened after we brought our sweet Lou home. Heather has been so engaged with our transition. We had an unexpected issue pop up with Lou (she is 100% fine now!) and Heather and I shared tears, notes between our vets to troubleshoot and finally joy when all was resolved. Heather is so committed to what she does with these dogs, has high integrity and has such a caring heart!
We love our Lou and are so grateful to have found Heather and her Richardville Hunde pups!

Lisa Buetow

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